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Monday, August 27, 2012

2 til a hundred

fig. 98: faux pixels on the leaf of a river birch.

fig. 97: a leaf begins the process of blending into its background.

fig. 96: dead limbs never blink.

fig. 95: some oak leaves self-censor.

fig. 94: a Spanish influence can be seen in some leaves' autumnal markings.

fig. 93: leaves of the japanese maple have been used as hypnosis aides for millenia.

fig. 92: certain mosses secrete a pheromone that reacts beautifully with maple leaves

fig. 91: certain mosses secrete a pheromone that reacts beautifully with maple leaves

fig. 90: it's said that if you arrange the leaves of the bluepoint tree in a circle, you will attract true love. 

 fig. 88: snake leaves portend a long, hard winter.

fig. 89: lower branch of the rouge tree

fig. 87: leaf of the bullseye maple

fig. 86: an evergreen's pine cone with fall foliage envy

fig. 85: flowers of the rose of sharon tree are natural show-offs.

fig. 84: stripes syndrome as seen on dead Mountain Laurel leaves

fig. 83: Queen Anne's lace with daisy envy.

fig. 82: dying leaves of house plants still retain a strong memory of their past glory

Friday, July 20, 2012

Decorating nature on boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris

fig. 81: spectrumcirculitis on a London plane tree outside Paris' Faculté de Médecin.

fig. 80: one of the more tastefully turned out trees of Paris' boulevard Saint-Germain

fig. 79: occasionally, a tree will wear its grain on the outside.

fig. 78: some sections of bark succumb to garishitis, not too common on Paris' plane trees.

fig. 77: some trees highlight their fertility right on their trunks.

fig. 76: écailles des poisson syndrome on platanus x acerifolia

fig. 75: white stripes visit Paris.

fig. 74: A Paris plane tree sports the latest fashion.